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Airbus Soared Higher
Boeing Faced Challenges
Japan Airlines (JAL) will launch a new business program called “JAL Corporate SAF Program” from April 2024, which certifies the environmental value of CO₂ reduction achieved through the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and provides it to corporate customers in Japan using JAL flights.
E190-E2 Painting
Southwest Airlines Acquires SAFFiRE Renewables as part of the investment portfolio of its wholly owned subsidiary Southwest Airlines Renewable Ventures, LLC (SARV). SARV is dedicated to creating more opportunities for Southwest to obtain scalable sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)
Heathrow’s ‘Fly Up’ Breakfast Raises Awareness of Sustainable Aviation Fuel
The Fly Up is a full English breakfast which is cooked with oil that is then recycled into renewable biofuels, including Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). The aim is to increase understanding of SAF, as it plays a key role in hitting Net Zero by 2050.
International Airlines Group (IAG) including British Airways announced its largest Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) deal with Twelve, producer of e-SAF made from CO2, water and renewable energy
Google, Embraer and More Join United Airlines Ventures’ Sustainable Flight Fund. ​
The Sustainable Flight Fund is a first-of-its-kind investment in Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Totaling over $200 million in investments from United and our corporate partners and over $450,000 in contributions from customers to supplement United’s investment, the fund supports start-ups working on SAF research, production and technology.
Airbus opens first service centre dedicated to the entire lifecycle of an aircraft
The Airbus Lifecycle Services Centre (ALSC) has started its operations in Chengdu (China), offering solutions to manage the entire lifecycle of an aircraft. This centre is the first of its kind to cover, as a one-stop shop, the full range of activities from aircraft parking and storage to maintenance, upgrades, conversions, dismantling and recycling services for various aircraft types, as well as the controlled distribution of used parts from dismantling.

The Airbus Lifecycle Services Centre in Chengdu is certified by both the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). 
Cathay joins forces with more like-minded organisations to promote the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Brussels Airport encourages the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) thanks to federal government support
One year ago, Brussels Airport announced the first delivery of sustainable aviation fuel via the NATO pipeline. However the high price of SAF remains an obstacle and slows down its use by airlines. To accelerate the sustainable development of the aviation sector and encourage the use of sustainable fuel, Brussels Airport Company, thanks to federal government support, will be granting a special financial contribution to promote its use. This SAF incentive will be available to all airlines, for all flights taking off from Brussels Airport in 2024.
The C919 aircraft is a narrow-body airliner developed by Chinese aircraft manufacturer Comac. The aircraft received its airworthiness certification from the Civil Aviation Administration of China on 29 September 2022. The first one was delivered to China Eastern Airlines on December 9th, 2022. The aircraft has a layout of 158 to 192 seats, and a range of 4,075 to 5,555 kilometers. ​
A Virgin Atlantic passenger jet powered by 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel completed a London-to-New York jaunt, showcasing the potential of low-carbon options, which are a tiny fraction of the industry's fuel mix.
Emirates world’s first airline to operate A380 demonstration flight with 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Pokémon Air Adventures
SAUDIA becomes first airline to operate to and from Red Sea International airport
As revenge-travel booms post-pandemic, a slew of low cost airlines like Norse Atlantic Airways, French Bee and Play have begun advertising cheap transatlantic flights. Their tactics for getting prices down go far further than simply ‘unbundling ancillaries’ – charging separately for everything other than the plane seat – yet still their prices aren’t that much cheaper than legacy carriers like United and Delta.

With the summer travel season coming to an end, and international demand set to drop, WSJ’s George Downs visits Norse to find out whether the company’s low fare, low-margin approach will withstand the winter.

No More Cheap Flights. That is the reality
Deutsche Aircraft plans to launch D328eco in 2026
Imua One is dedicated to Southwest Employees and the people and communities in Hawaii who have welcomed us with warm aloha. Imua is a rallying cry in the Hawaiian language that translates to an urging forward, and it underscores a key value at Southwest—Teamwork. 
Hybrid and electric flight
Key players in battery-powered aircraft 
– a disruptive innovation in the aerospace and defence industry  
Japan Airlines is operating a Disney-themed plane
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It will take about 10 years for eVTOL, a short-range passenger aircraft, to be fully distributed as a commercial and personal means of transportation. (Berg Insight )

It is easy to predict that a significant number of manufacturers will disappear or be merged in this process. A strategy to connect with users in various ways is needed rather than a simple approach to lead the market by partnering with a specific manufacturer.

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